Creative Labour


Image credit: "Gold" by Dillon Marsh

You keep writing and deleting.

You’ve got a hard drive full of half finished songs.

You have a studio full of sketches that don’t amount to much.

If that describes you right now, you’re backed up. There’s nothing wrong with you, you don’t have writers - or any other kind of - block, you haven’t “lost it”.

You’re just out of the habit that keeps your creative path flowing freely.


If you keep getting stuck half way through this sequence, you will start to get backed up.

No one thing you create will ever be good enough because it’s no longer just one of many: it’s everything. If you keep getting the urge to stop what you’re doing and put it away to finish later, force yourself to keep going.

Make it shorter, simpler or easier if you have to, but get to the end and start something new straight away. Your block will start to melt away and it will get easier again. Not easy, but easier.

The only way out is through.