Amelia Ideh

Let’s Work


One to One Consultation

I offer one-off consultation sessions to artists and creatives.

I specialise in music and arts marketing, fundraising and career development.

To book a session please contact me at:


Recent Testimonials

“It was super helpful. I don't think it could have been more helpful. Real insight and clarity on how to make decisions on where investment could/should be made.”

- Rob

“Amelia is warm, empathetic, and wise. She encouraged me to attend to the fear that's been blocking my path, as well as to make a list of the "can-do" rather than the "to-do," and delved into her own vulnerabilities to relate to my situation, urging me to find a way to push beyond them. “

- Tina


Want To Work Together on Something Else?

I’ve worn many many hats over the years, so if you have me in mind to work with you in some capacity, please take a look at the lists explaining the kind of work I do currently.


Yes please! I’d like to

Write for/ feature in your publication
Be a guest on a podcast/ radio show
Write a press release/ bio
Write a music funding application
Curate an event
Design a marketing strategy
Design a Squarespace site
Judge funding applications
Teach DIY artist marketing/ fundraising
Speak on/ moderate a panel

Contact me at:

Not at the moment thank you

Unpaid work in general, including “going for a coffee to pick my brains about [see list]“
Event promotion
PR & radio plugging
Music reviews on/ bookings through
Unpaid board memberships