A Cupboard Full of Mouldy Ideas

A Cupboard Full of Mouldy Ideas

When you stop doing anything, starting again is terrible.

When you stop writing, no idea is good enough to pursue because how can you pick one of the many, many ideas you’re now sitting on?

When you don’t release music for a while it’s hard to release something new, because people have been asking you when your new release is coming out since 30 minutes after your last release and what if none of them like it?

When you stop sharing photos on Instagram, the whole concept of sharing becomes alien; I’m no photographer, why would anyone care about this, am I showing off?, this caption sounds pretentious…

So you hesitate, you start and stop, you fiddle and procrastinate, and the list of reasons you can’t hit publish yet grows longer and longer.


A man I know told me a story about his grandmother, who had huge apple trees in her garden. This grandmother hated waste so much that she was forever eating the stale apples, making apple sauce or brewing cider. She was so concerned with the old apples that she never let herself eat the ripe ones.

Ideas are perishable, you can’t hoard them, eventually they get stale and go off.

Get them out and let them go. Either in to the world or in to the bin, then keep it moving.

There’s plenty more where that came from.



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