Low Hanging Fruit


It’s amazingly easy to get stuck at a fork in the road, peering down each route as you weigh the potential of every possible outcome.

My sister's favourite theory, when you’re stuck between two options or two differing points of view, is to find the third way.


The third way might be a compromise, an interim solution, or even an unorthodox new idea. Often it feels as though it doesn’t exist, but it’s always there, and it’s always better than staying stuck.

I’ve been stuck for a while, wrestling with approximately thousands of new ideas I’d like to pursue. I’m what Emilie Wapnick would refer to as a classic “Multipotentialite”.


There are websites, podcasts, books, live events, trips, and countless other projects I’d like to pour my energies in to - all at the same time.

At my age (35), the prevailing media narrative dictates that my ovaries are likely falling off a cliff. I reject this notion and stand with Sheryl Sandberg on women leaning in to their careers. Which somehow doesn't stop the Nigerian half of my brain hissing “I beg, you are not serious. When are you having a baby?”. 

The relative (relatively niche) success of my past projects in the music industry makes starting afresh scary. Like spending far too long trying to launch yourself off the 10m diving board. In to a pool full of sharks.

Which leads me here, to the third way.

The challenge I've set for myself is to share something here at least once every day for a year. It might be one word, an image, or a piece of music. It might be a full-length essay complete with references. 

I may remain stuck, but at the very least I’ll be shipping.


“The only purpose of starting is to finish, and while the projects we do are never really finished, they must ship.”

— Seth Godin (Linchpin)


Writing is a great way to process your thoughts. Editing is even better.

When I don't write, my brain is awash with unprocessed information. It feels full and slow, like a messy hard drive; unnamed folders, abandoned documents and half-formed ideas jostling for space.

So if there’s a logical place to start, it’s with words.

Words come easily to me, they’re the low hanging fruit for which I’m eternally grateful.

How do you get unstuck? Let me know in the comments below...